Impossible to lie: a roadmap of fibs…..

My oldest daughter is a bouncing ball full of bubbling energy who flies through life experiencing a rainbow of emotions.  She finds it impossible to tell a lie, her face becomes a roadmap of fibs which all end in the final destination of giggles, and she says some flipping marvellous things without ever looking to disguise the truth. More

It’s a simple matter of human biology….

“So how old are you?” exclaimed the friendly lady to a cheerful twin girl.

“I am six,” she replied with a smile tickling her lips, “but mummy says I am ever so tall for my age.” More

Mothering Sunday; what a crock of…

I doubt I will sleep tonight, the anticipation may be overwhelming to say the least. For tomorrow it is all going to happen, tomorrow is the big day… More

I’m the Daddy

Bedtime took a different shape this evening.  He who helped create them and twin girl were out taking my sister in law to the airport which left myself, spica bound BB and Twin Boy. More

A momentary body hijack of the infectious competitive disorder

It was one of those days where it was so cold I could see my own breath when I exhaled and I watched memorised as the tendrils of air sailed out of my mouth and into the atmosphere. More

How old do you have to be to get a brazilian?

A Brazilian anyone? More

Sniffing each other’s bottoms

Thursday night is swimming night.  The whole evening tends to be a mad panic from the moment the school bell chimes right through to when the last child finally stops rabbi ting on and closes their eyes and drifts off to the land of nod. More

Education is ruining my son….

It was with a heavy heart that I rifled through my paperwork to find the number for my home insurance.  I was surprised that I didn’t know it by heart because since Twin Boy and Rabid Hound moved in I am remarkably good terms with Nigel in the call centre. More

I want to change my children

I grew you, do you know that?
I grew you from being smaller than a spec of sand. Your fingers and thumbs were defined within me; your hearts starting beating next to my own. You all first sucked your thumbs safe inside my chocolate filled belly; you were created with a passion and sustained by love. More

What my family does to smokers…

Driving home from an afternoon at a friend’s house today I decided to use the time wisely and attempt to explain the concept of laws to my two six-year olds.  It started off well as I explained that a law is like a rule but if you break a law you can be arrested and sent to jail.  This did seem to cause my two a little distress as they started to panic about occasions in the past where they may have bent a law and they seemed to fear that should their past misdemeanours be found out they would be spending the rest of their days in striped pajamas  getting a stripey tan through a barred window. More

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