Impossible to lie: a roadmap of fibs…..

My oldest daughter is a bouncing ball full of bubbling energy who flies through life experiencing a rainbow of emotions.  She finds it impossible to tell a lie, her face becomes a roadmap of fibs which all end in the final destination of giggles, and she says some flipping marvellous things without ever looking to disguise the truth. More

Taking blood makes you short

Twin girl is, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, a total and utter wimp.

She shrieks at spiders, shudders at loud bangs and is an appalling poor patient when ill. More

I dont know if we can take anymore…

At times it feels like I am being punished by the big man in the sky.

Not content with sending epilepsy and ddh into my family it seems I have a new ailment to contend with. One that again doesn’t seem to have any cure. More

Not the best of days….

It has not been the best of days,

We are ready for Christmas, the presents are wrapped, the turkey is waiting for its moment of glory and the chocolates are waiting to be scoffed. More

Are you a virgin?

We are not regular churchgoers, there are many reasons as to why this is but I don’t think this blog is the best place for me to start a debate on the philosophy of religion. More

the lump on my daughters head

And so I counted…

1,2,3,4… More

why I refuse to let my boy wear girl’s legging….

I have been waiting for the letter for almost two weeks, we all knew it was coming but none of us knew what it would say. To say we have been fearful following last years experience would be almost an understatement. More

Do you regret having children?

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

We spoke about it in-depth and made a conscious decision to go for it knowing that it would enrich our lives. More

A beautiful day…….

The candles flickered in front of my eyes whilst the string quartet played beautifully beside them More

Oh Baby…..

I need little excuse to show off my children on this blog….

So check out how cool they look in their new threads…. More

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