We will die, DIE I tell you…

As the winter sun burned a little brighter this weekend, the mood in our home lifted into summery smiles and carefree peals of laughter. Discarding our coats with reckless abandonment we sprang into spring like a family possessed.

We hit the park, fed the ducks and basked in the sunlight, all was good and happy in our world.

Then we decided to learn to ride our bikes on the road… More

What my children mean to me #dosomethingyummy

It’s not cancer, it’s curable, it will be over within four months.

This is my daily mantra.

These words help me pick up BB when she falls again as her hip dislodges, these words let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. More

I am a survivor…..

I am a survivor,  I bear the wounds of battle but I am still here. More

I am doing nothing, nothing at all……

As we climbed into bed last night, relishing the warm duvet against our cold skin I turned to he who helped create them and said ‘shall we do nothing tomorrow, have a rest day, maybe not even get dressed?’  Half asleep already he turned and replied ‘yes’ and then wandered off to dreamland. More

nothing hurts like being a mum…


I was told recently that nothing hurts like being a mum and at the moment it feels like there are no truer words. This road of parenting seems to get more complicated without ever really pausing to allow me to catch my breath. More

The lies I was told….

Having children has been an eye opener for me.  Finding out Santa was a fabrication in my youth was hard to deal with but really some of the lies I have been told since then regarding children are borderline obscene.

 Take this popular urban myth; ‘your life will be richer when you have your own family’ More

Sing hallelujah & carrot infested poop

It’s done, it’s over and the relief on my offsprings faces is more than apparent.

Santa has sodded back off to Lapland and is currently detoxing after consuming an almost deadly excessive mix of whiskey, beer, milk and cookies, mince pies, and biscuits all in one night and Rudolph is laid in the stable More

why I refuse to let my boy wear girl’s legging….

I have been waiting for the letter for almost two weeks, we all knew it was coming but none of us knew what it would say. To say we have been fearful following last years experience would be almost an understatement. More

Working Mum: The Perfect Compromise….

I stumbled into the house tired, a bit fed up, trying to balance three children and an almost full time job at times can be a little demanding and today I was feeling it. More

Competitive parenting – Part two…..

Regular readers of the blog will know I totally shamed my family this week at Sports Day, if you missed it, read it here

Today a fellow school mum emailed me these fabulous photos that clearly shows off the dedication to win that seems to be inbred in my brood. More

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