I feel dirty – part two….

Following on from my review last week of the Vileda Power Scourer Range I have managed to keep my new-found skills of washing up hidden from he who helped create them.  I have hidden the scourers and use the dirty old dishcloth when he is about, but if my mum is popping over or one of my *cough* posher friends I whip them out and clean off the mugs and the biscuit plate.  So he who helped create them still thinks I am useless and my friends now don’t wipe the rim of their coffee cup first before drinking with a baby wipe. More

Incontinence: It’s a good thing

A good friend of mine texted me today to tell me her son had christened the potty for the first time.  I hasten to add her that she was also texting to say hi and wasn’t just regaling me with more poo stories.  However, whilst remaining proud of her adorable little lad for firmly ‘dropping one’ in the pot; it was all I could do to not text back shouting; 

“Noooooo don’t do it.  Potty training is the devils work.”


I’ve gone green

It’s funny how time and experience changes you into someone you never thought you’d be. 

If you’d have told me when I started the parenting journey five years ago that one day I publishing a blog entitled “I’ve gone green”, my first response would have been; More


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