my dancing demons…

It’s amazing to realise that something that was horrific the first time can become normal by the third.

We are at the half way point; BB has lived for six weeks in spica. She has coped incredibly and has challeng More

Sponsored Post: Its not a rat!

As the sun has started to return to our winter drenched country moods have lifted, trousers have shortened and coats have been left at home.

Then suddenly all eyes turn to the garden, the sorry neglected space of overgrown green and unruly bushes. More

Guest Post: The one about breastfeeding….

As regular readers know I have been proudly feeding BB now for twenty two months, it was such hard work at the beginning and we have no idea how to stop now so instead we are just going with the flow.

Therefore I am pleased to hand over the reins today to Jo Middleton More

Mothering Sunday; what a crock of…

I doubt I will sleep tonight, the anticipation may be overwhelming to say the least. For tomorrow it is all going to happen, tomorrow is the big day… More

Parenting without alcohol……

I like to think I hold a relatively honest view of myself and know where my strengths and weaknesses lie.


Am I a prude?

The social evolution of acceptable behaviour never ceases to amaze me.

Today, sitting on the train, minding my own business, catching up on emails More

Defining limitations…..

Today tasted like chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and raspberry juice squirted on the top.   When BB had her operation and was fastened into cast for three long months part of my world turned grey.  I could only see what she couldn’t do, I saw water that she couldn’t swim in, I saw parks she couldn’t play in, I saw a life defined by her limitations and it broke my heart ever so slightly. More

I’m the Daddy

Bedtime took a different shape this evening.  He who helped create them and twin girl were out taking my sister in law to the airport which left myself, spica bound BB and Twin Boy. More

Getting arms like Jodie Marsh…

Nine weeks and three days remaining…

Not that I am counting.

BB and the spica cast are coming along nicely, life is slowly returning to normal again, well as normal as life in our house can ever be. More

How old do you have to be to get a brazilian?

A Brazilian anyone? More

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