Guest Sponsored Post: What to look for in a pram

Today’s post is brought to you by Sabina Hine, owner of Rainbow Pram’s, a fabulous site for those looking to invest in that all vital baby purchase.  Sabina offers some excellent tips on how to choose the right pram for you, a post I could have done with six years ago when the twins announced their arrival!

The top six most important things to look for in a new pram


I’m the Daddy

Bedtime took a different shape this evening.  He who helped create them and twin girl were out taking my sister in law to the airport which left myself, spica bound BB and Twin Boy. More

A long old week.



It’s been the longest week, More

I am a survivor…..

I am a survivor,  I bear the wounds of battle but I am still here. More

just give me today…

Just give me one day for irrationality, one day to shake my fist at the sky and declare it is not fair. Just one day before I pick myself up, brush myself off and simply get on with things.

BB has a dislocated hip, she has what is commonly known as Hip Dysplasia (ddh). She needs surgery and a cast and in all honesty she needs a bloody break. Last year was spent happily growing from baby to toddler but broken up with MRI’s, EEG’s and hospital stays. As her epilepsy started to settle it seems my beautiful baby misses the ward and has found a way to get back on it.

Its curable, it involves more anaesthetic, complicated surgery, time in hospital and a half body cast. But it is curable, many mums with poorly kids would trade their all to be able to say that.

But give me just today, to sob for my little beauty who just learnt to walk and soon will have that taken away. Let me wallow in a bit of “why us” and let me chastise myself for taking so long to see there was a problem.

My beautiful girl, she giggles when you touch her side, she kisses with a perfect pout, she signs please when she smells chocolate and she loves to torture her older brother and sister. She can say dog, baby, mummy and daddy, she can climb stairs, she can give you a cracking right hook. She can light up my world with a simple toothy grin.

She has epilepsy, she has hip dysplasia.

She is defined by neither and she copes perfectly with both.

Just give me today for irrationality and tomorrow I will match her strength.

Not the best of days….

It has not been the best of days,

We are ready for Christmas, the presents are wrapped, the turkey is waiting for its moment of glory and the chocolates are waiting to be scoffed. More

The curse of insanity….

I woke up this morning desperately ill, my hands were twitching, my brain rapidly racing, my feet were hop-ing and non lucid ideas were flowing through my head.  More

Did you hear me call them little sh*ts….(sorry)

I wrote this post last year, but it is one of my favourites and as the festive season beckons I am giving it a fresh leash of life.  To be fair he who help create them is liable to get the same Christmas gift this year, me wrapped in a bow – fully clothed – I am not trying to upset anyone,  so I don’t think it really hurts to repeat my one and only Christmas post….

Let me know what you think….

Dear Santa,

How you doing old man?

Stressed I imagine?  I have to say respect to you for still managing to ho, ho, ho More

Do you regret having children?

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

We spoke about it in-depth and made a conscious decision to go for it knowing that it would enrich our lives. More

a thud, wail, squeal and a pinch….

Daybreak murkily starts to edge its way into the room, tendrils of fog tap at the window telling me morning has begun.
For a moment I lay silent in my bed, the duvet up near my chin pinning me down encouraging me to ignore the signs that I need to get up and start the days.
Beside me BB lays eyes half open finishing the last of her milk….

And then it begins….
A thud as twin boy hits the floor after leaping Ben 10 style from the top bunk.
A wail as twin girl’s eyes are forced open by a 60 watt light suddenly being switched on without warning.
A yelp as they crash into each other trying to race through the door each desperate to have the pleasure of waking up a parent first.
A squeal as one nips the other because they achieved their goal.
A screech as the one out in front falls to the floor tripping over a misplaced foot.
A collective shout as four arms and legs fall into our bedroom, half sobbing, half beaming spitting out the words “is it morning yet.”
A gasp of air as two large five year olds land on my stomach full of stories of tripping and pinching.
A shout and a smile as I try to calm the storm gathered on my body.
A hug as we all cuddle the morning in, eyes dried and wounds dressed.
And finally….
A gentle snore that eases out of the male form under the duvet beside me…..

Just another day.

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