Sun, sea and a seven foot chipmunk…..

Let me paint you a picture,

The sun sits high in the sky, heat flowing through its unusually bright spring rays.  A boat is moored before me, the doors flung open revealing signs of a feast inside; two handsome deckhands beckon me forward to join them in setting sail….

I take a deep breath and step forward; then I quickly step back to collect up my children who I had momentarily forgotten about as I boarded the ship…

Inside my eyes saw palm trees, plates and plates of food and drink, I saw entertainers for the children, I saw the sky filled with bubbles and heard the river gently lap against the side of the vessel.

Then suddenly I was confronted by….

Three seven foot tall chipmunks!

Can you ask for more on a Sunday morning? A boat, a bacon butty, copious amounts of chocolate goodies and a team of willing playmates ready to whisk your children off for a three hour long treasure hunt.

I am sure you can imagine that the entire family loved attending the PR event  this weekend for the launch of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked!

The morning was fabulous, I must confess I was distracted from watching the film by ensuring that twin boy didn’t carry out his desire to jump from top deck and my attention was also focused on ensuring the chocolate fountain was properly manned by a *cough* responsible adult at all times, however twin girl informed me the film was “awesome” and one we will simply have to buy for our Friday film night.  As regular readers know my daughter is incapable of telling a lie so I can happily recommend the film to the viewing public as being one to watch for all the family.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is now out on general release in Blu Ray and DVD.

What’s more, the DVD and Triple Play editions come jam-packed with extra features including Chipmunks music videos, featurettes like Munking Movies In Paradise, and a brilliant value digital copy so you can keep up with all the action on the move. The film is also the perfect Easter gift, coming with an activity pack containing stickers, name labels and a brilliant card-match game to keep little hands and minds busy! And for real Chipmunk fans there are even DVD and Blu-ray box sets to make sure they’re fully up to date!

So get your squeak on and join the gang.  You can even join in with the activity sheets below!

This is a review post, all my own opinions.


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