Not the best of days….

It has not been the best of days,

We are ready for Christmas, the presents are wrapped, the turkey is waiting for its moment of glory and the chocolates are waiting to be scoffed.

But we will end the year filled with a bit of apprehension and fear – hopefully unfounded but still all a bit unsettling nonetheless.  My child who worries me most has been referred to an orthopedic pediatrician; turns out whilst I was so busy being a BOTTOM*, a blogger, a runner, and a parent I failed to notice that BB has one leg significantly shorter than the other and a potential hip problem.   It feels like just as her epilepsy is starting to calm another bowling ball of fate comes along and sends us flying.

However tis not a time to be a moody old fart so I am wiping away the creases on my forehead and turning my frown upside down.  Bring on the mistletoe, uncork the wine, lets pull a cracker and party like it is Christmas time!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

Look forward to bringing back the funny in 2012

love us


* bugger off to the office mummy


35 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. speccy
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 20:32:12

    sending cake, wine and hugs your way x


  2. Actually mummy...
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 20:42:55

    Oh bugger. Not fair is it. Plough on and hope for the best xxx


  3. I heart motherhood
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 20:50:17

    Bugger. But uncork the wine, enjoy the next couple of days and then tackle the situation head on and with your usual big strides. You’re such a strong person Jane. Big hugs. Xx


  4. Emma
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 20:56:58

    Don’t know wether your travelling the same road as us, but I have my two yr old in a hip spica for DDH. Happy to talk anytime, lots about our experience over on my blog too. Erin has been in spica 9 weeks. She had one leg significantly shorter too.


  5. raremum
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 21:23:14

    Xxx. She is perfect!


  6. HELEN
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 22:04:20

    ahh poor little mite, she’s been through a lot already…
    Get the gin out and try to put it to the back of your mind over Christmas.
    thinking of you.


  7. michelletwinmum
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 22:09:47

    Ohh Jane what a blow, but on a positive note she is gorgeous and they will be able to fix her up.

    Enjoy Christmas (as much as you can)

    Mich xx


  8. Blue Sky
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 22:10:05

    Just remember that she’s still the same little girl, you know what the problem is, and next year you will deal with it. Right now it’s Christmas, have a wonderful one and park your worries till January xx


  9. wibbly wobbly
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 22:48:51


    Sorry to hear this but please try not to worry too much. I was diagnosed just 3 years ago, aged 46 by Johan Witt in London. You are very lucky to have had it picked up as it is hard to diagnose and if it isn’t noticed at birth it quite often doesn’t get picked up. I was lucky – having run 7 marathons and with the onset of arthritis, I was still viable for a PAO. Altho I am old and your BB is still so young, I will give you my blog ( just so you can see that there is positive where at the moment you will only have doubt and concern. My heart goes out to you, but it is fixable, and she is young and will cope better than you will imagine.

    Do not blame yourself for not noticing – you are not a specialist in DDH. My mother didn’t spot it although I should all the classic symptoms! But if u don’t know what the symptoms are, how are you supposed to spot it!

    Have a good Christmas, and try not to let it ruin your Christmas.

    Best Wishes.


  10. wibbly wobbly
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 23:05:53

    Sorry – also meant to put that STEPS is a charity that deals with DDH and is based up North – they are fantastic in their support.

    Big hug to both you and BB.


    • janeblackmore
      Dec 23, 2011 @ 23:10:27

      Thanks Anne, certainly nothing confirmed with bb yet. Been reading your blog and it is inspiring to say the least.

      We are pretty good at coping over here, I think the upset originates from the fact that we never want to see our children in pain or hurt in anyway and after all bb went through last year it would be nice to have a rest.

      In saying that there are much worse things in the world and I am far luckier than most, my kids are awesome and in the whole they are healthy.

      Thank you so much for commenting x


    • janeblackmore
      Dec 23, 2011 @ 23:11:26

      Have seen steps already, thanks. And sorry for adding an ‘e’ to your name x


  11. Katie
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 23:07:45

    Poor you, but she is the same bundle of joy as she knows no different it’s what she lives with it’s her way of life, and if you take a leaf from her book its all “normal”. I know it’s hard as we grew up and know the difference but we need to carry on just like she does, because you created an inspiration x x


  12. sarsm
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 08:31:29

    It never rains but it pours…

    I wish you and BB the very best. Massive Christmas hugs. Sod that. Massive every day hugs. No, that’s wrong as well. Massive I-need-a-hug-right-at-this-particular-moment hugs. And a hand squeeze. And a packet of hankies. Just in case.

    Despite this being on your mind, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


  13. If I Could Escape
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 11:47:16

    Awww, sorry to read that. Merry Christmas hugs to you. x


  14. Deliciousnessy
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 12:33:38

    That little lady really knows how to keep you on your toes. Hope all goes well wen you see the specialist and hope you have a wonderful Xmas lovely lady. Xxxx


  15. Emma @mummymummymum
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 15:14:20

    Oh no, its just one thing after another isn’t it? Huge hugs xxx

    I hope you all have an amazing Christmas. Hopefully see you soon.



  16. mothersalwaysright
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 20:06:16

    Everything will be fine. She is utterly gorgeous and beautifully perfect. But I completely understand your apprehension. Have a fantastic day tomorrow with your wonderful brood, and we’ll see you soon. xxx


  17. Notmyyearoff
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 17:55:33

    Hope the checks go well and the hip problem is not serious. Here’s to an excellent 2012 for BB and you all xx


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