What I meant to say was…..

So I really didn’t expect to win…

In fact had I in any way thought I might win I may have taken some time to consider what words would fall out of my mouth when presented with a microphone and I may have not enjoyed the free-flowing wine in as much volume before speaking into the said microphone.

So if I had my time over this is what I would have said.

Thank you so very much, winning the Mad Best Blog about Family Life means more to me than I realised and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who took the time to vote for me.

Writing this blog has allowed me to express in the written word many things that I have never been able to come out and just say.  It has allowed me to humorise moments with my family that at the time seemed really stressful but later sitting with a laptop on my knee just the act of writing things down has put everything back into perspective and has allowed me to laugh out loud at my so-called life.  When my youngest daughter started her journey with epilepsy this blog became an outlet where I could write the raw emotions that gripped me as I sat beside my daughter’s hospital bed and the support I received from writing those words was overwhelming, not just for me but also for he who helped create them, so again, to those who read, I repeat my heart-felt thanks.

I started this blog to be a diary of my children’s youth and I wanted to make people laugh as I shared my stories, and mainly I wanted to know I am not alone in some of the situations my children land me in, and according to those who read my words many of you also have a cracking poo story, you all understand the pain of Tesco’s on a Saturday with all the kids, you know the fear of the school holidays and it is definitely not just me who has lost their libido.

So once more thanks again for voting and reading; I am over the chuffing moon to have an elegant glass trophy sitting on my mantlepiece at home.

Thanks have to also go to the marvellous Vertbaudet who sponsored me to attend, (check out their competition to win a stunning kids storage box here) and John Lewis for making me look presentable and dragging me out of my jeans.  To the lovely Sally and Jen – you two really know how to throw a party!

But finally an enormous thank you to those who provide my content, to my lovely twin boy – you make me laugh till I cry and when the tears have gone I write it all down, never stop being so funny, to my beautiful twin girl for immortalizing the saying I can’t believe my brain and for playing the straight guy to your brothers foolishness.  To he who helped create them for allowing me to put our lives on the internet and for helping me film that vlog; and thanks to my beautiful baby – just for being here and healthy.

So that is what I wished I said last night, but the bonus of blogging means I get to say it anyway.

What I believe I actually said was something along the lines off……

ooooh *hiccup* I am worried I may shame myself now, thank you very much, all I can think to say is how I must not mention that I am wearing huge pants and they are a new design with a wee wee hole in.  Ok thanks very much.

I believe I would have made my mother proud with those words……

86 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emma @mummymummymum
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:18:10

    I need a photo of those pants! Obviously when you are not wearing them 🙂

    Well done you. xxxx


  2. Nickie
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:18:28

    Your mother and your Auntie Rita would have been very proud, indeed.

    DESERVED win 😀 and lovely to finally meet you x


  3. Mammasaurus
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:19:35

    Well done and congratulations! I started blogging 4 months ago now and I have heard tales of CyberMummy and the Mads but don’t really a clue what any of it is about being a relative blogging virgin (and at my time of life you’ll take being labelled as any type of virgin gladly!)
    It sounds great though and I can imagine the recognition is an immense feeling so a big slap on the back to you – I love it when your posts drop into my inbox, they never EVER fail to make me chuckle xx


  4. Kerry
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:22:20

    Well done on winning very well deserved. I love this blog and am so pleased you won xxx


  5. Katie
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:24:18

    Hahah congratulations funny lady you deserve it my life would probably be much simpler if I could put it in to words the same way as you, you are an inspiration even if I don take your lead. Well done x


  6. geekmummy
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:27:53

    Congratulations Jayne! It was lovely to see you again last night, and great to watch you win 🙂


  7. Boatwife
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:29:42

    Hey well done! Well deserved! Congrats Jane.


  8. michelletwinmum
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:40:32

    Well done super funny lady, I lost to a good’un.

    Mich x


  9. liveotherwise
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:49:16

    Can’t believe that I missed that speech! Knew having to retreat to the quiet zone would mean I missed out.

    Great to see you. Worthy winner.


  10. PoorParenting
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:52:08

    Ooh ooh ooh! Well done!!! Xxx


  11. Deliciousnessy
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 22:35:45

    I am so bloody thrilled for you. It is very well deserved. I LOVE reading your blog. It is the only one I do read religiously.
    Well done. Xxxx


  12. HELEN
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 22:45:36

    *whispers* erm pants with a wee wee hole in…can you please tell me where I get them??
    *shouts loud* CONGRATULATIONS!!!! very well deserved, I’m made up for you


  13. Liz Fielding (@lizfielding)
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 05:56:44

    I have a character who is in urgent need of pants with a wee wee hole – okay, no, I’m lying, it’s me…

    Congratulations again, Jane. Brilliant.


  14. maggy, red ted art
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 07:06:09

    Congratulations Jane!!!!! Much much much deserved. You write so well and your every day life stories are much fun to read.

    YAY!!! Keep it going. Keep us laughing!

    Maggy x


  15. Ali
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 07:32:45

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS XXXXXX I agree with the lovely Maggy you really have a great way of writing everyday things and making them SO funny.

    You are one of my favourite blogs to read so well I knew you would win xxxx

    Is that what you really said??? xxxxx


  16. Bibsey Mama
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 07:50:06

    Great speech… and what did you say in the real world?




  17. Holly
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 09:13:33

    Congratulations!!! So happy it was you, you deserve it wholeheartedly xxxxxxx


  18. Kirsten
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 09:27:04

    Well done Jane xxxxx I like BOTH your speeches!!


  19. Michelle
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 09:59:53

    Well done 🙂 x


  20. teawithonesugar
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 17:01:34

    Have you been able to get any catch up sleep today? congratulations again xxx you deserve the recognition x


  21. Rosie Scribble
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 17:16:56

    Congratulations! Very well deserved.


  22. Scottish Mum
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 17:26:47

    Hahha, I can just imagine.


  23. Caroline
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 19:38:39

    Big congratulations, well deserved lady x


  24. Super Amazing Mum
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 20:09:48

    well done missus – you certainly keep me entertained!!!

    Love Sophs xx


  25. Anna @ The Imagination Tree
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 20:22:42

    Haha, I didn’t hear you say that. Brilliant! Still better than my “umm, err, I thought Maggy would win not me” (oh the shame) Love the idea to write it out again with a more rational brain. Can’t stop thinking about those pants…WOW!
    Congrats, you write a seriously funny blog 😉


  26. Jacq
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 21:03:52

    Goodness, I missed all this. Well done you 🙂


  27. LauraCYMFT
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 21:09:01

    Well done on your win 🙂


  28. Mummy Matters
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 21:12:10

    Couldn’t have gone to a better blogger, very well deserved xx


  29. lucy
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 09:55:23

    you make me laugh and you make me cry with your beautifully written accounts of everyday life, and yes you help me put things in perspective when its all gone horribly wrong…… you flipping deserve this award and i’m chuffed to bits you won it x well done northern mum x


  30. susankmann
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 10:43:53

    Huge congratulations xx


  31. SAHMlovingit
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 11:30:20

    A very well deserved win Jane, your posts are brilliant. Really chuffed for you.

    Was great to see you AGAIN on Friday night and thanks for the flash of your spanx…. big pants with wee holes rock! x


  32. Lindy
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 11:41:24

    Looking forward to the video!! Congrats again on your win!


  33. mothersalwaysright
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 12:49:40

    Probably the best acceptance speech ever. It’ll go down in history…


  34. PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 13:39:09

    Should we mention how I couldn’t get the wine glass out of your hand so you could have your picture taken?!


  35. NotMyYearOff
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 19:55:08

    Congratulations on a really well deserved win!! I love your blog, it makes me laugh a lot (in a good way!!)


  36. Lorraine from The Party Times
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 20:30:14

    priceless!!!! Well done you!


  37. ghostwritermummy
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 15:18:23

    hahaha great speech! I can’t believe I missed it! But I am not surprised at all that you won, you had my vote


  38. helloitsgemma
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 20:58:01

    I knew you’d win. #fact. Am so happy when I am right! Get in!
    Well done, you are fab! Next stop world domination……


  39. sarsm
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 08:14:12

    A very deserved win indeed.
    Did they give you a trophy?

    I’m really, really pleased for you!!


  40. David
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 16:52:20

    Congratulations. I’ve never read your blog before but I’m really enjoying it, so can see why you won.

    But seriously, bigs pants, wee wee hole? Too much gin 🙂


  41. Merry
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 17:42:15

    I’m sure I commented here?

    Bah! Congratulations. I knew you would win our section and I didn’t mind at all. I’d even have let you review Hama beads if you’d asked, even though I was robbed.

    No hard feelings. Especially now I know it was big knickers that made you look so gorgeous 🙂


  42. claire weir
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 08:38:44

    Huge Congrats Jane – very well deserved xx


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